Your New Year’s Resolution Starts Today!

November is just starting and though it’s probably not quite there in the back of your mind, 2013 is coming. Yes, the New Year in which things will be better than in this past one. So here’s the good news: you’re right it will be better than 2012. And here’s the hard fact: to make it better, you’re going to have to start planning today and changing things now.

Now you might be thinking, why should I already start planning, and as for doing, it’s a New Year’s Resolution not a final quarter resolution. We’ll you’re right on both those accounts, but look back and be honest, have your New Year’s resolutions ever been realized? Honestly? Exactly. Change needs to start as soon as possible – Now. What is change? It’s a series of actions that once repeated become a habit or alter the state and appearance of something. If you don’t start with those actions now, it’ll be harder in the future. Everyday that passes in which we don’t change is a day we lose to being able to change.

It’s hard to beat the feeling of going on a long run with my Cloudrunners.

Small changes lead to bigger ones. Running is the one thing I would suggest to most people to try. It has been the thing that has most positively influenced my life in the past 4 years. I went from non-runner to ultra-marathoner. Ultra-running might not be for everyone, but I guarantee running is – you just need to find your inspiration.

Have you ever seen really young children running around a playground? They are seemingly amazed by what their bodies can do. Adults lose that sensation, but running can give it back to you. Run fast, run slow, go for long runs or short ones. Being outside in your neighborhood, local forests and parks or along the water’s edge you’ll experience a calmness and new appreciation for everything around you and also for your body.

Listening to Dr. Charles Eugster at last week’s TEDxZurich event, I realized that my idea is far from unique, but rather general knowledge for those who still pay attention to things that aren’t packaged in money back guarantees and over-the-top marketing and hype. Instead of buying a faster, lighter, better looking mobile, why not make a small change in your life now and be on your way to a faster, lighter, more confident you.

Before the first snow falls and before your friends and work colleagues start sharing their New Year’s resolutions, that they probably won’t achieve, grab a pair of runners and hit the trails. You’ll see the beauty of autumn, get some fresh air, and feel better. Then when the December resolution chats start, you can say you’re already doing it.

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