1st Matterhorn Ultraks

Summer’s over! Riding the tram home on Thursday evening I picked up a copy of the free paper Blick am Abend. On page three a I read “Der Sommer war schön” (The summer was nice). I think to myself, “was … Continue reading

The First Ever Eiger Ultra Trail 101

A simple wish comes true Since I started running marathons, I’ve wanted to run in an inaugural race. When I found out through my friend Mark that Grindelwald was putting together the EigerUltraTrail, I knew I wanted to do it … Continue reading

Zermatt Ultra-Marathon 2013

Back to Zermatt There is something comforting about returning to someplace familiar. For the third year in a row on the first Friday in July I took the train to the most picture perfect alpine city there is — Zermatt. … Continue reading

Der Frauenfelder — Running with Switzerland’s Finest

For a marathon day getting up at 7am is rather late, but quite the welcomed treat. The day’s mission was to run the legendary Frauenfelder. Now if you’re not from Switzerland, there’s a good chance you’ve never heard of Frauenfeld, … Continue reading

20 Years Jungfrau Marathon and Déjà-vu all over again

What do you get for the world’s most beautiful marathon on it’s 20th birthday? How about a full three days of unbelievably beautiful summer weather and nearly double the number of participants from all over the world, oh and for … Continue reading

Looking back at the SwissAlpine K78 Ultra-Marathon

Off to Davos Departing Zurich in the sweltering summer heat that acts oppressively on the body squeezing out every last drop of moisture as a briny glaze on everyone’s body at The station, I could only hope that temperatures would … Continue reading