SwissAlpine K42 2012 Mountain Marathon Photos

My legs are a tad destroyed from pushing too hard on the descent, but my fingers still work and my camera survived, so here are some photos from from running the 2012 SwissAlpine K42 mountain marathon.  Here at Dromeus we’re working on race reports for the K42 and K78 marathon and ultra races. In addition to my Ricoh GRD I was shooting video with my GoPro, and am putting together some video of the experience. Two quick preview videos are already up, a shot of Silly Girl Running and me running down the mountain.

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4 thoughts on “SwissAlpine K42 2012 Mountain Marathon Photos

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  2. Hey Mark- it was great to get to chat with you after the race!
    You actually caught a picture of me above (4th from last- I’m the guy in the middle adjusting his visor- contemplating lying down in the grass 🙂
    I’m back to work now at home in PA.
    Thanks for the great race report, it gives me something to show my friends here.
    Hope to see you next year!!

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