Mt. Santis Trail Running Preview

The Dromeus team (well the two of us: Christian and Mark) teamed up with Matthew Anderson Photography to do a trail running video shoot in the alps. We decided on Mt. Santis, a high massive in the easter Swiss alps and made the Rotsteinpass hut our base of operations. Our goal was to capture the Swiss mountain environment and talk about our passion for trail running in the mountains. Matt shots some interviews of Christian and I talking about why we run, and we created a little story about running on Santis.

On a whim I decided to pick up a quadrocopter to take on the shoot. I picked the Bumblebee quad as it’s made of carbon fiber, reasonably priced, and folds up for transport. Matt shot with my Cinevat Atlas FLT slider and he brought along his Nikon D800 for most of the video. Christian brought along some pairs of On running shoes and I tested some of the Asics Fuji trail collection including the Trabuco and Attack for reviews I’m writing for the Running Shoes Guru website. The full video compilation including interviews of Christian and I on our views of trail running and why we do it. While we’re cutting together the final videos you can enjoy these short previews of Christian and I running around and me trying to catch our quadrocopter.

Mark Melnykowycz

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Mark is an Artist / Engineer who likes to explore the mountain environments of the world. He climbs, and climbs, takes pictures along the way and writes on little pieces of paper that make their way into articles for the world wide web. He also loves to write gear reviews and runs on trails in Switzerland.

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