The Mountainman 2014 – A Muddy Adventure

3 Years in the Making For three years I’ve wanted to take on the Mountainman. The course is somewhere I’d never run before, and the name of the course just spoke to me. So this year when I finally decided … Continue reading

The Eiger Ultra Trail – A Human Experience

Introduction About a week ago my friend and co-editor of Dromeus, wrote a blog on why he doesn’t like running marathons. In his article he hits on several good points and his argument is easy to follow, but in my … Continue reading

Up and Down the Jungfrau

Doing what you love If you’re reading this, you’re either a runner, an aspiring runner, or interested in running. If you’re an aspiring runner, all of the runners out there will surely agree with me when I say that running … Continue reading

The First Ever Eiger Ultra Trail 101

A simple wish comes true Since I started running marathons, I’ve wanted to run in an inaugural race. When I found out through my friend Mark that Grindelwald was putting together the EigerUltraTrail, I knew I wanted to do it … Continue reading

20 Years Jungfrau Marathon and Déjà-vu all over again

What do you get for the world’s most beautiful marathon on it’s 20th birthday? How about a full three days of unbelievably beautiful summer weather and nearly double the number of participants from all over the world, oh and for … Continue reading